Contemporary sculptures in bronze by Jean-Philippe Tromme, Belgian sculptor (Marchin, Huy, in Belgium, Province of Liège), made ​​up of boxes, openings, filters, lifelines, stratigraphy, BBX, SBX, BOAB, artistic creations are internationally known.
My current approach as a sculptor focuses on the transformation of matter and the multiple meanings and perceptions that result from it. The object in itself is only a pretext, what is important is the rest, the essence in it and the imperceptible .... I’m undertaking research in space and emptiness, on the relationship between content and container, all of that with delicate creations made of transparencies that are often the opposite of  how bronze is frequently used.

It is ultimately a discourse on architecture and place, which is found both in the interiors of OPENINGS or in the variety of spaces of BBX and SBX. The use of bronze also gains full sense in the fineness and accuracy of the FILTERS series or even in the LIFELINES installations that extend such as endless paths.

Most of my pieces are unique and are born in my studio after a long creative and technical process which I fully lead from the creation of the model, the making of the mold and metal casting, to the finishing of the sculptures.

Excerpt from an article by Sylviane Lambermont:

The leitmotif of his work, which is mostly made ​​of bronze, is based on the deconstruction and reconstruction of the material. This approach, which is almost an obsession, he applies it to both his heads  modeled in clay as well as  his sculptural collages or even to the serie of boxes he declines in all forms and in all angles.

What matters is more the empty space inside and the transparencies than the real content in bronze that surounds the inside. The title of one of his works, "two suns" is in that sense particularly evocative, whereby two perfectly round openings face each other. Depending on the direction given to the room and the lighting under which it is viewed, it is less the object as a mass than its contour that is to be seen. The piece in its first degree is only a pretext, the key is to understand that it is much more than the immediate perception one gathers from it. The Sculptor ultimately delves into a discourse on the inside and, the contours. The limit, which diverts the vision of the artifact or industrial to see the gaps and opportunities compose the essence of the message and leaves open all interpretations.

All parts of the three main series of the artist generate an interpretation at various levels.
Its "heads", which were produced for the most part before 2009, are first modeled in clay and, as appropriate, twisted, bent or smashed with a hammer and at last reasembled differently. From decomposition arises a reorganisation that reflects changes of the human soul, breaks and injuries of life.

The wide range of sculptural collages, which he produced for the better part of 2010, is marked by the symbolic of a wide and varied range of elements. Some achievements combine religion and guns, the South American influence where Jean-Philippe spent his teenage years is noticeable. Others propose a reinterpretation of classic eighteenth-century bronzes.

The series of boxes, expresses the evolution of objects, of their lives. A set of five ppieces depicting the transformation of a slowly opening box, is particularly illustrative of the author’s latest work – (2011). Some of the production could be described as sculptured jewellery. Small in size at little more than a dozen centimeters, it is by handling them through all their angles, feeling all the textures and playing with the transparencies that they reveal their fascination. Similar work is presented in a small set of plates evoking, in archaeological terms, the succession of sedimentary layers or, in more prosaic terms, the pages of dog-eared books.

Technically, Jean-Philippe Tromme favors the finesse of bronze which he applies in very thin layers, revealing a high quality know-how. This, combined with a vivid imagination and an unwavering inspiration, contributes to the charisma of quality and constantly evolving work. A number of art lovers and collectors have already been proven right.

BBX, BBX8, Bronze, 28*25*15cm, 2011 SBX, SBX11, Bronze, 16*12*9cm, 2011 B.O.A.B, B.O.A.B 3, Bronze, 27*17*12cm, 2011 OPENINGS, BOP1, Bronze, 27*20*13cm, 2011 FILTERS, F-4+5, Bronze, 54*37*26cm, 2011 LIFELINES, LL2, Bronze, 120cm, 2011 PLATES, PLII, Bronze, 95*70cm, 2012